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, Bin the projected shear onto a grid and define? as the average shear in each pixel

, = 1 for pixels where we have information and M[i 1 , i 2 ] = 0 for pixels with no galaxies, and take a support twice larger for the shear maps and include the borders in the masked region, Set the mask M: M[i 1

, Set the maximum number of iterations to I max = 100, the maximum threshold ? max = max(| ? T P * ? |), and the minimum threshold ? min = 0

, Set i = 0, ? 0 = ? max , ? i = ? k and iterate: 8. Compute the forward transform: ? = ? T ? i

, Compute? by setting to zero the coefficients ? below the threshold ? i

, Reconstruct ? i from?: ? i = ??

J. .. , Decompose ? i into its wavelet coefficients {w 1 , w 2

, Reconstruct ? i by performing the backward wavelet transform from the normalised coefficients

, Perform the inverse mass relation: ? i = P? i

, Enforce the observed shear? outside the gaps: ? i = (1 ? M) ? i + M? k

, Perform the direct mass inversion: ? i = P * ? i

, Update the threshold: ? i = F(i, ? min , ? max )

, Set i = i + 1. If i < I max , return to step 8

, Set k = k + 1, ? k = ? i . If k < 3, return to step 6