L. Chateigner, G. Sanchez, V. Charmet, P. Allard, L. Martre et al., Bouchet for useful discussions and comments on the manuscript. We are grateful to the Genotoul bioinformatics platform Toulouse Midi-Pyrenees (Bioinfo Genotoul) for providing computing resources. Establishment and management of the poplar experimental sites until harvests were carried out with financial support from the NOVELTREE project (EU-FP7-211868). NIRS measurements on poplar wood samples were supported by the SYBIOPOP project funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR-13-JSV6-0001). Management of the wheat multi-environment trials was financially supported by the French National Research National Agency under Investment for the Future (BreedWheat project ANR-10-BTBR-03) and by FranceAgriMer. The Phéno3C platform was financially funded by the French National, EPGV and BioForA for their contribution to obtaining SNP data on poplar. We would like to thank J. Messaoud for NIRS acquisition on wheat samples

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