, with regard to the use of oil crop biomass residues [582] or palm oil mill effluent, 2000.

, Finally, new developments in biodiesel conversion technology have been reviewed, vol.584, 2001.

, Their evaluation is based on current crops but highlights the 2006 necessity to mitigate against greenhouse gas emission. Chisti [586] argued strongly that 2007 microalgae are better than crops (as used for bioethanol) in terms of their smaller impact on the 2008 environment and their efficiency in producing biodiesel, As mentioned earlier, the main problem with algal-derived biodiesel currently is its cost 2003 versus petroleum-based products

, For calculation of the theoretical maximum algal oil production (at different global sites) see, vol.589, p.2012

, Further general aspects of biodiesel production are covered by Ratledge and Cohen [36] 2014 and economic analysis by Davis et al. [590] while the future of algal biofuels has been discussed, 2015.

, All the subjects covered in section 7.2 are included in the comprehensive review by, 2016.

, Although this is focussed on a particular programme, the review encompasses the same 2017 general area as this current article

, compared to petroleum supplies, means that economic viability is not yet possible. Reducing 2021 costs remains the most important target and, until that has been done significantly, vol.9, 2019.

, Different 2030 algae accumulate various pigments of which the most important commercially are astaxanthin, 2031 beta-carotene, phycobiliproteins, phycocyanin and phycoerythrin [188]. Beta-carotene is a 2032 useful food supplement and is produced by Dunaliella salina at over 10% of its dry mass, Carotenoids have utility in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, vol.592

, Phycobiliprotein pigments are fluorescent agents [163] while phycocyanin and 2035 other pigments from red algae are used in both the food and cosmetic industries, vol.595

, Phytosterols are used in the pharmaceutical industry and as nutraceuticals [425, p.2040

, These microalgae have been found to 2041 produce up to nearly 3% dry mass as sterols [600]. Some 40 different sterols have been reported 2042 in over 100 species of diatoms. Major sterols in Glaucocystophyta are sitosterol, campesterol 2043 and stigmasterol, dinoflagellates produce mostly 4?-methyl sterols while 24-propylidene-2044 cholesterol is mainly accumulated in Pelagophyceae, Thalassiosira genera are rich in sterols, vol.425, pp.597-599

, Microalgae produce 2-8 tonnes/hectare/year of proteins [601] and a number of algae

. Chlorella, Recently, there has been an increasing interest 2049 in many algal enzymes for the genetic manipulation of plants

, Nevertheless, there seems to be constant improvements in 2052 the conversion rates of ALA to EPA and DHA by employing newly characterised desaturases 2053 and elongases. For example, vol.9

, A ?6 elongase from the cold-water diatom Fragilariopsis cylindrus gave 38% 2056 elongation of gamma-18:3. These genes allowed an expansion of activities available for the 2057 potential commercial production of EPA and DHA, Ostreococcus RCC809 gave 15% desaturation of 22:5 and 54% desaturation of ALA 2055 respectively, vol.602

, Early work in this area included enzymes useful for the conversion of 2060 EPA into DHA [603] and front-end desaturases to produce unusual fatty acids (pinolenic and 2061 coniferonic acids) [238]. Another example would be the use of three front-end desaturases from 2062 P. salina for DHA biosynthesis which could be expressed, Any of the enzymes mentioned in sections 3, 4 and 5 could, potentially, be utilised for 2059 commercial purposes

Y. , and E.F. acknowledge the support of National Science Foundation Grant 2086 PGRP IOS-1339385 and United Soybean Board Project 1820-162-0110. J.L H. thanks the 2087 BBSRC and the NERC for grants to support research on algal lipids, p.2090, 2088.

, Figure 1. De novo fatty acid synthesis -carbon and energy sources

, Abbreviations: ACP, acyl-CoA binding protein

;. Accase, . Mcmt, and . Coa, malonyltransferase; Dof-type TF, DNA binding with one finger type 2094 transcription factor; bHLH, a basic helix-loop-helix; bZIP, a basic leucine zipper-domain 2095 containing TF; ER, enoyl-ACP reductase; KAS, keto-acyl-CoA synthase, ACP

, FatA/B, fatty acid 2097 thioesterase A/B; PDH, pyruvate dehydrogenase complex; PSR1, Pi Starvation Response 1

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