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, computeMeanPicture(width,height,pDiff,pMean)

, Listing 3: target tracing sample application: C source code extract for some motion preprocessing code

, typedef iMinVarianceStrip : (Pixel : diffStrip) -> (Deviation : deviation, int : mean)

, int height) : iMinVarianceStrip { void main() : ( pDiffStrip[width * height] <-diffStrip, pDeviation <-deviation, pMean <-mean) { computeDeviationMacroBlock(width, height, task MinVarianceStrip(int width, p.pDiffStrip

, computeMeanPicture(width, height, pDiffStrip, &pMean)

, Listing 4: target tracing sample application: ? C MinVarianceStrip task as ported from listing 3. ... for(i = 0; i < nb_strips; i++) { ... task aMinVarianceProcess : iMinVarianceStrip = MinVarianceStrip(width

, aGMean->means[i] = aMinVarianceProcess->deviation

, Listing 5: target tracing sample application: instanciation of an instance of the MinVarianceStrip task (listing 4) in the main module