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, Analytical data for 2e is provided below, as a representative example

H. Nmr, 38 (m, 6H), 0.85 (s, 3H). 13 C NMR (50 MHz, MHz, d8-THF) ? 8.18 (s, 1H), 7.71-7.56 (m, 4H), vol.7

, mol-1): C 69.39, H 5.82, found: C 69.03, H 5.67. General procedure for the transfer hydrosilylation of alcohols with silylformates, pp.5-21

, 7 mg , 0.01 mmol, 2 mol%) followed by CH2Cl2 (2 mL, C = 0.25 M). To the resulting white suspension were sequentially added the alcohol (0.5 mmol, 1 equiv.) and the silyl formate (0.6 mmol, 1.2 equiv. per hydroxyl group) reagents. The flask was then sealed, brought out of the glovebox and immersed in a pre-heated oil bath at 90 °C (oil temperature). A purple coloration appeared when heated. At this temperature, all the reactions were generally complete within 1.5 h with silyl formates 2. The coloration observed turned from purple to bright orange. Yields of silyl ethers were determined after isolation and purification by column chromatography on silica gel, Young valve was charged with Fe(OAc)2 (1.7 mg , 0.01 mmol, 2 mol%) and P(C2H4PPh2), vol.3

H. Nmr, 20 (s, 3H), 1.12-0.78 (m, 4H), 0.75 (s, 3H), 0.06 (s, 9H). 13 C NMR (50 MHz, d8-THF) ? 195.30, MHz, d8-THF) ? 5.59 (s, 1H), 3.58 (m, 2H), 1.89 (m, 14H), vol.1