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/. Bvriz, H? 9067 12:52:59.020 ?29:29:29.48 1.2205 1 N/A BVRizJK s 3.6 ?m 4.5 ?m [OII] 9197 12:52:58, BVRizJK s 3.6 ?m 4.5 ?m H8 D4000, pp.125258-358

N. Bvrizjk, 6 ?m)(4.5 ?m) [OII], MgI

H. Fei, H. Oii-], H. Mgi, H. , and C. Demarco, H? Notes Emission line flags (Col. 5) are as follows: 0 = no emission; 0.5 = marginal [OII] emission; 1 = clear [OII] emission; 2 = clear active galactic nucleus/broad line emission. The flags are based on those used in Photometric bands in parentheses represent only unreliable or blended photometry in that band, with the " 0.5 " flag added to denote the potential confusion of [OII] with residuals from the 8348 Å telluric line in J1252.9. The old ID numbers in Col. 6 are from Demarco et al, 2005.