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The Geometry-Image department conducts research in Geometric Design, Image Analysis, Computer Graphics and Computer Vision. The common framework of the research is the computer processing of geometry and images. Applications include Computer Aided Design systems for the manufacturing industry, the creation of animation movies for the leisure industry, or the indexation and mining of large image databases for the Information and Communication Technologies. This rare combination of computer sciences expertise in image synthesis and analysis, vision and geometry is the ideal blending for the development of innovative research towards a complete insertion of 3D geometry and images in the Information Society. This departement is organized in 6 teams:

  • ANIMA (Authoring and directing story worlds, INRIA team, since July 2020)
  • CVGI (Variational Calculus, Geometry, Image, since July 2015)
  • MAVERICK (Acquisition, Representation and Transformations for Image Synthesis, INRIA team, since January 2012)
  • MORPHEO (Capture and Analysis of Shapes in Motion, INRIA team, since March 2011)
  • ROBOTLEARN (Towards socially intelligent robots via learning, perception and control, INRIA team, since July 2021)
  • THOTH (Learning visual models from large-scale data, INRIA team, since January 2016)

Former teams:

  • ARTIS (Acquisition, Representation and Transformations for Image Synthesis, INRIA team, until December 2011)
  • EVASION (Virtual environments for animation and image synthesis of natural objects, INRIA team, until December 2011)
  • IMAGINE (Intuitive Modelling and Animation for Interactive Graphics & Narrative Environments, INRIA team, from January 2012 until June 2020)
  • LEAR (Learning and Recognition in Vision, INRIA team, until December 2015)
  • MGMI (Geometric Modelisation & Multiresolution for Images, until June 2015)
  • PERCEPTION (Interpretation and Modeling of Images and Videos, INRIA team, until June 2021)

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