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The LCAR (Laboratoire Collisions-Agrégats-Réactivité) is a laboratory centered in fundamental physics organized around two main fields

  1. The study of laser-matter interaction focuses on matter waves studies and strong-field physics
  2. The study of molecular structures and dynamics develops the study and measurement of the properties of clusters, molecules of biological interest, and nano-objects in their environment

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[hal-02109685] Conduction mechanisms and voltage drop during field electron emission from diamond needles

We report results of experimental investigation of field electron emission from diamond nanoemitters. The measurements were performed with single crystal diamond needles fixed at tungsten tips. The voltage drop along diamond needles during emission was revealed and measured using electron energy spectroscopy. The observed linear dependence of the voltage drop in diamond on voltage applied to the tungsten tip is explained in the frame of a simple macroscopic electrical model combining Poole–Frenkel conduction along the diamond tip and Fowler–Nordheim tunneling at the diamond-vacuum junction. Experimental evidences of electron emission sensitivity to laser illumination are discussed for possible modification of diamond emitter characteristics and voltage drop.

[cea-01244391] Multi-channel electronic and vibrational dynamics in polyatomic resonant high-order harmonic generation


[hal-02156273] Non-adiabatic molecular dynamics investigation of the size dependence of the electronic relaxation in polyacenes


[tel-03205698] Etude expérimentale des interactions du vent solaire avec la molécule prébiotique d'hydantoine (C3N2O2H4)


[hal-03134247] Fast and robust quantum state transfer in a topological Su-Schrieffer-Heeger chain with next-to-nearest-neighbor interactions