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Velocity acoustic String theory D-branes AdS-CFT Correspondence Bethe Ansatz Loop integral Deformation Supersymmetry 4 LISA Stability Energy high Structure Algebraic geometry Perturbation theory N-point function 4 Monte Carlo Numerical calculations Monte Carlo Black hole Quark gluon plasma Quantum chromodynamics Integrability Potts model Jets Black Holes in String Theory Dimension 2 Duality Duality holography Mathematical methods Dilaton P nucleus scattering Random matrices Cosmological constant Fifth force String model AdS/CFT correspondence D-brane Factorization Bethe ansatz Expansion acceleration Geometry Field theory Higher-order 1 Perturbative QCD Resummation Boundary condition Parton showers Heavy ion scattering Color glass condensate Compactification Anti-de Sitter Conformal Field Theory Gravitational radiation emission Density high Feynman graph Scattering Amplitudes Dark energy Correlation function Large-scale structure of Universe Gravitation model Star compact Dark matter Numerical calculations Flux compactifications Color Scaling New physics Effective field theory Algebra Supergravity Field theory scalar Membrane model Automatic Keywords P p scattering Tensor energy-momentum Scalar tensor Hydrodynamics Gravitational radiation Unitarity Nucleus nucleus scattering Energy density Fixed point General relativity Scattering amplitude M-theory Brookhaven RHIC Coll Kinematics Dimension 4 Spin chain Correlation Microstate Lattice Integrable Models Operator product expansion Field theory conformal Numerical methods Supersymmetry Gravitation Quantum chromodynamics perturbation theory Cosmological model Cosmology CERN LHC Coll